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What’s XPS ? What’s the different between CRYO and others?

Building a large cold room and the forklift may need to run inside, the floor needs to be strong. we often advise XPS panels+ concrete as the floor. XPS panel name Extruded polystyrene insulation Board. It has strong compressive strength.

XPS panel


However, XPS panels have different quality: different density, different water absorption, different compressive strength and different lifetime.

CRYO’s use the XPS Panel produced by Feininger (the best XPS manufacture):

  1. Heat conductivity coefficient: 0.028 w/m*k
  2. Compressive strength: 350 Kpa
  3. Water absorption (V/V): <1%
  4. Dimensional stability: <1%

All of them have reached national standards, so that they are very durable and the lifetime is more than 20 years!!

Although the cost of using these famous brands will be high, but we still hold the thought of producing high quality and find the customer who agree with us.

Therefore, we hope you are the guy.

XPS panel


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