Seafood processing plant

processing room

1# Locations: Fiji, Sri Lanka, Dominica, Ecuador, etc

2# Design principle:

At least 20-years service life for PIR panels

At least 15% power saving design

Easy operate and easy to fix

Less space for machines room

3# Seafood Processing Plant Project basic info:

16 tons blast freezer

20 tons ice machines

30 tons processing room

300 tons frozen cold storage

4# Rough drawing:

Seafood processing plant, cold storage

5# 16 tons blast freezer:

It’s consisted with 2 units air blast freezers, each provide 50% capacity. So we could have more flexible capacity. To ensure no corrosion problem, we use 0.5mm stainless steel on the 200mm cold room PU panels.

Refrigeration machines is one unit compressor rack, equipped with 4 units Bitzer two stages compressors, water cooled condenser, floor mounted blast evaporator.

6# Processing room:

As the floor and wall would be cleaned by cholorine water every day, so we have to use better materials to prevent corrosion problem. Epoxy resin paint is a good choice.

-40C Air blast freezer

7# 20 tons ice machines:

It’s consisted with 2 units 10 tons ice machines, equipped with Bitzer semi hermetic compressors.

8# 300 tons frozen cold storage

As all these seafood are packed in standard EU pallets, so we use pallet rack to maximum utilize the storage space.

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