Return doors

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For return doors:

Return doors:

√ Designed: self-closing hinge

√ Function: automatically shut off

√ Application: restaurant, hotel, supermarket, etc…

√ Door panel and wall panels are on the same plane.

√ Appearance: designed by Teledoor, famous door company in Germany

1. Design:

(1) Appearance: designed by German.

(2) Self-closing hinge: convenience to close.

(3) Seal: flexible plastic built-in magnetic strip, good seal.

(4) Lock: originating in American KASON, anti-rust, long life-time.

(5) The return doors are the same level with the wall panel.


2. Material:

(1) Surface material:

a.Color plate steel

b.Stainless steel

c.Other chooses: salinization/ aluminum/ galvanized


(2) Door frame:

Plastic profiles + color steel plates + PU foaming, no cold bridge, good insulation.


(3) PU foam inside the door with optional thickness: 100mm, 150mm


3.Optional accessories:

Glass window: with electric heating film.

(No frost on the glass, see inside clearly)


4.Optional types:

Single open return door/ Double open return door.


5. Application:

Food/ Industry/ Supermarket/ Storage/ Medicine/ Retail, etc…

When you are too busy to close the door on your own usually, self-closing door is a good choose. KFC love to use return door in their cold room.

cold room return doors

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