FNV top air blow air condenser

Refrigeration condenser for cold room, air cooled type, keep 2.8Mpa nitrogen gas pressure before delivery. Ensure no leak inside.

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1. Features for refrigeration condenser

CRYO has an FN, FNV series of refrigeration condensers. FN is the side air blow type and FNV is the top air blow type.

  • Cabinet is a steel plate with plastic spray, corrosion-proof
  • Mechanically expanded pipes with Aluminium fins; External fans; better heat transfer & durable
  • Tested in 2.8MPa gas pressure, no potential leakage
  • Nitrogen blow away all Pollution in the pipe system, ensuring a longer lifetime
  • Refrigerant: R22, R134A, R404A, R407C, etc

FNV-3 of refrigeration condenser

2. Designation

FN  V  180  T

FN: Series name
V: Feature code: Empty: standard; V: V type
180: Area (m2)
T: Fan qty: T: 2; R: 3; F: 4; None: 1

3. Specification

FNV standard type

FNV model

Cabinet of Air condenser

Cabinet of Air condenser

Cabinet is steel plate with plastic spray, corrosion-proof

Copper pipe of Air condenser

Copper pipe of Air condenser

Strong copper pipe, good bending, and welding.

Aluminium fins

Aluminium fins

Fan of Air condenser


Low niose fan

Packaging details: in plywood box
Delivery details: 28 days after deposit received.

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