Refrigeration accessories

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Refrigeration accessories

Copper pipe

Strong copper pipe, good bending, and welding.
copper pipe


Ball valve; One-way valve.
Ball valves control flow and close, with ports configured to support a wide range of system requirements.

Solenoid valve


The component that controls the refrigerant, which is equivalent to an automatic switch.
When the compressor is stopped, the refrigerant can be closed on the high-pressure side, effectively preventing the liquid refrigerant from migrating to the evaporator after the stop and causing the compressor to strike.

Features of Solenoid valve:
    • Low leakage risk, safe and reliable
    • Long service life, strong and reliable
    • Easy to repair
    • Compatible with various refrigerants
Solenoid valves

Sight glass


Sight glass is used on the liquid piping of the refrigeration to Indicate the flow condition of the refrigerant, water cut ov the refrigerant and lubricant oil flow condition of the oil return piping on the oil separator.

Features of Sight glass:
  • Indicate the condition of the refrigerant in the liquid pipeline of the refrigeration device;
  • Indicate the water content in the refrigerant;
  • The flow of lubricating oil from the oil separator in the return line
Sight glasses

Liquid receivers


Classification: horizontal and vertical

The liquid receiver is storage of liquid refrigerant for the evaporators, located after the condenser in a refrigeration system. It is an important part of any system because it ensures liquid refrigerant is entering the expansion device.

Function: store refrigerant liquid, adjust the circulating amount of refrigerant in the supplementary refrigeration system
horizontal Liquid receiver
Liquid receiver

Gas-liquid separator

The Gas-liquid separator adopts an internal elbow design to prevent internal splashing, which helps to accumulate oil at the bottom of the separator, and install it as close to the compressor as possible.


The liquid droplets in the low-pressure vapor from the evaporator are separated to ensure that the compressor sucks in dry refrigerant.

Features of Gas-liquid separator:

  • Robust interface, “U”-shaped elbow design to ensure the maximum refrigerant flow and the least interception of oil
  • Anti-corrosion spraying process to prevent rust outside the shell


Gas-liquid Separator

Oil separator

The gas discharged from the compressor contains refrigerant oil. If the refrigerant oil enters the condenser with the refrigerant, after the evaporator, an oil film will form on the surface of the copper tube, affecting the heat exchange effect.

The oil separator has the ability to separate oil from the refrigerant gas mixture, thus promoting the effective operation of the refrigeration system and saving energy.

It is between the compressor and the condenser.

Features of Oil separator:
  • Ensure that the lubricating oil returns to the compressor oil storage tank. Prevent the compressor from malfunctioning due to the lack of lubricating oil and prolong the service life of the compressor
  • Prevent the compressor from generating liquid hammer;
  • Better use of condenser and evaporator efficiency
  • Reduce vibration and noise on the high-voltage side of the system
Oil separators

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