monoblock condensing unit

Monoblock condensing unit (Monoblock unit)is a compact machine that includes all components in one body,  which have a small volume, and for use in medium and low temperatures.

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1. Features of Monoblock units

  • It integrates an evaporator, condenser, compressor, and electrical control units into one body. Easy to install & compact in structure.
  • Embraco compressor(Slovakia origin), Maneuropcompressor(France origin)
  • Two types of monoblock for chioce: Wall-mount monoblock and Roof-mount monoblock
  • Evaporator has a grooved copper tube and aluminum fins.
  • Intellectual controls with automatic temperature set, temperature control, and automatic defrosting.
  • Protection devices for overloading, sub-heating, lack of phase, high & low pressure, etc.
  • Widely used in hotels, restaurants, medicines, agricultural, and chemicals industries all other places where cold storage is needed.

2. Components:

  • Expansion by thermostatic valve
  • High and low-pressure control
  • Hot gas automatic defrosting
  • Systems for partial evaporation of defrosting water
  • Integrated multifunctional electronic control
  • Voltage protector
  • Ceramic filter dryer
  • Probe alert dirty condenser

3. Designation

YTK   B   2010   M   Y

YTK: Series name: Mono block uni

B: Type: B: wall-mounted; D: roof-mounted

2010: Unique number

M: M: middle temp; L: Low temp

Y: R404A refrigerant

4. Specification

Middle temp 0℃ series, wall-mounted type, R404A


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Low temp -20℃ series, wall-mounted type monoblock unit


Wall mounted monoblock condensing unit, already charged with R404A refrigerant


Packing details: In plywood box
Delivery details: 28 days after deposit received

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