Modified hinged doors

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modified hinged doors


√ Designed: by Teledoor in Germany.

√ Door frame: strong aluminum system.

√ Door hinges German STUV, EU standard.

√ Door’s hardware, switches and door seal: best quality.

√ Our door can be used 2-3 times longer than other suppliers’.

1. Design:

(1) Hinge: German STUV, EU standard, easy to open and close.

(2) Door’s hardware, switches and door seal: best quality.

(3) Appearance: designed by Teledoor, famous door company in Germany

(4)Lock: CT1178. (Domestic or Germany)

(5)Advantage: easy installation.


2. Material:

(1) Surface material:

a. Color plate steel

b. Stainless steel

c.Other chooses: salinization/ aluminum/ galvanized


(2) PU foam inside with optional thickness: 100mm, 150mm


3. Optional accessories:

Electric heating film glass window: No condensation can see clearly inside.


4. Optional types:

Single open/ Double open.


5. Packing and loading:



6. Application:

Food/ Industry/ Supermarket/ Storage/ Medicine/ Retail.

When you need to change the new door of the cold room, modified hinged doors will be used. CRYO’s modified hinged door with a strong aluminum frame system is your best choice.

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