Glass door

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Glass door:

√ Easy to open and colse!

√ Has door frame heater, anti-fog better!

√ Very beautiful and clear window display!

√ Doors with auto-closing features, save electric cost!

√ Use aluminum alloy door frame, strong and long life-time!

1. Glass door design:

  • Doors size can be customized.
  • Aluminium alloy door frame
  • With LED light
  • With door frame heater, anti-fog better.
  • Doors with auto-closing features, prevent cooler air leak.


2. Material:

Make of aluminum alloy door frame and tempered glass, really strong and long life time.


3. Application:

Supermarket/ convenience stores, etc…


4.For different temperature:

  • Two layers of 4mm thick tempered glass for -10~5C room, Three layers of 4mm thick tempered glass for -18~-25C room.


5. Packing:


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