Freezer room

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For Freezer room:

√ Drop from the room temperature to -35°C in a few hours!

√ Best PU panels to give you the best insulation!

√ Best insulation to save your operation costs!

√ Famous brand surface steel to ensure at least 20 years lifetime!

√ Design the best solution for your specific requirements!

1. Temperature range: -15℃~-35℃

2. Application: Used for low temperature freezing of food, medicine, medicinal material, chemical raw material, etc.

3. Why we store goods in freezer room?

(1) Avoid creating large crystals of ice between cells.

(2) Reduce intracellular moisture and reduce the loss of juice during thawing.

(3) The rapid decline in food to microbial growth activity temperature, favorable to resist microbial growth and its biochemical response.

(4) The retention time of food in freezing equipment is short, which is beneficial to improve equipment utilization and continuous production.

4. Suitable thickness of PU panels for Freezer room

For -15℃~-35℃, the thickness of PU panels we usually suggest is 150 mm, 180mm, 200 mm.

5. Choices for surface materials of PU panels

(1) Fresh fruits/ vegetables: Stainless steel 304/ Color plate/ Aluminum/ Salinization sheet/ Galvanized sheet.

PS: Color plate is the most popular& cost-effective.

(2) Seafood/ goods with high salt:

a. Stainless steel

b. Salinization sheet

c. (Internal side) Stainless steel + (external side) Salinization sheet/color plate steel/salinization/galvanized/ aluminum

d. (Internal side) Salinization sheet + (external side) Salinization sheet/color plate steel/salinization/galvanized/ aluminum

(3) Medicine: Stainless steel/ color plate

(4) Other food: Stainless steel 304/ Color plate/ Aluminum/ Salinization sheet/ Galvanized sheet.

For specific requirements, we will design the best solution for you!

6. Price:

Difference solutions have different prices, send your requirement now!


(1) Panels thickness: 50, 75, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200mm.

(2) Panels density: 42kg/m3

Density calculation test:







(3) Cam lock: Galvanized

√ Design: Easy and convenient for installation of cold room

√ Surface materials: Galvanized sheet


√ Appearance: Feel like leather and plastic


(4) Fireproofing

Fireproofing grade: A>B1>B2>B3 (Gradually increase from right to left)

Our PU panels: B1steel+B2foaming=B1 PU panels

(5) Surface materials

2. Doors:

(1) Hinged door:

√ Designed: by Teledoor in Germany.

√ Surface materials: 0.6mm color plate.

√ Door hinges German STUV, EU standard.

√ Door’s hardware, switches and door seal: best quality.

√ Our door can be used 2-3 times longer than other suppliers’.

(2) Sliding doors:

√ Guide cover: protect guide from dust and deformation.

√ Professional design: no pressure on wall panel and cam lock.

√ Strong aluminum frame system: support the door, lead the door weight to floor.

(3)Self-closing doors:

√ Designed: Regression apparatus

√ Function: Auto-regression

3. Packing and loading:

(1) Plastic film + brown paper (corner) for each panel

For FCL shipment, save space

(2) Plywood package

For LCL shipment, protect panel better.

(3) Panel container loading

Panel will be delivered as part, Piece by piece.

Freezer room for pork!

One of our customers wanted to store 36 tons of pork. According to the specific condition, our professional engineers designed the optimal freezer room for him.

Order info:

Size: 10x6x5m (300m3)

PU panels: 150mm,0.6mm Baosteel color plate.

Room temperature:-24℃

Refrigeration unit:

3 sets of Kide big monoblock unit with 10HP Danfoss compressor.

(PS: The 3 sets of Kide big monoblock unit are installed in 53 mins only, simply)

For more: you could get in touch with us and leave your message to get the latest price and ask questions, and we will reply as soon as possible.