Freezer room for seafood

CRYO freezer room for seafood can keep the low-temperature range -15 to -30, making sure the frozen, so quality is properly maintained. With high efficiency condensing unit, low power consumption, and high durability.

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Project Case

Customer from America——Seafood Freezer Room.

  • -18~-25°C freezer room with 120mm panel with color plate steel.
  • 4*6*2.1(H) meter  (50.4m3)
  • Split system refrigeration unit:
  • 5Hp Bitzer compressor and DJ evaporator with 9mm fin spacing, which can reduce the times of defrosting.

Solutions: Freezer Room for Seafood storage

For the freezer room, the temperature is normally designed as -15℃~-30℃. It is to keep seafood and fish stored atsuitable temperatures to maintain the food for as long as possible.

CRYO SYSTEMS provide seafood freezer room solution as below:

-1.  Room Temperature: -15℃~-25℃

-2.  Freezer Room Panel:

We have 50mm~200mm thick PU/PIR panels for your choice. 

  • Service life over 10 years
  • Easy assembled and high quality

The surface steel can be a color plate. If you prefer stainless steel, it is better. The color plate looks pretty and saves money while stainless steel is more anti-rust, more durable.


Insulated PIR panels

For more guidance for choosing the steel, please click: Steel for the food storage.

-3. Freezer Room Door:

German Design hinged door and sliding door, the size is customized according to your requirements.

  • Durable and no leaking
  • Good sealing and heat insulation
hinged door and sliding door

-4. Refrigeration units:

Our condensing units have medium temperature(-5C~+10C), low temperature(-15C–30C) and deep blast temperature(-25–40C).
It is equipped with the original new compressor, high-efficiency corrosion proofing design evaporator, and condensers. What’s more, for other accessories, we stick to the best brand.
The compressor capacity choice as per the size you prefer building. All compressors are original new famous brands. Bitzer, Emerson Copeland, GEA, Danfoss, Mycom are available.

-5. Price:

Different prices for different customizations. Contact us for specific cold room solutions.


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