Cold storage for vegetables

Cold storage for vegetables, suitable temperatures, can slow down the natural decaying process of vegetables, keep vegetables in good condition for the long-term.

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CRYO’s Cold Storage for Vegetables Features:

√ Best PU panels give you the best insulation!

√ Best insulation saves your electric costs!

√ Suitable temperatures keep your vegetables fresh and original for the long-term!

√ Best brand steel as surface materials to ensure at least 20 years lifetime!

√ Suitable solution for your specific requirements

Cold storage for vegetables solution

Different vegetables require different temperatures. In general, it can be divided into the following three categories roughly. if you have enough space; we suggest you make compartments for different vegetables.

0~4℃: Most vegetables

≥8℃: Cucumbers, tomatoes, pumpkins, peppers, potatoes, etc.

0℃: Cabbage, celery, onions, carrots, etc.


The solution of cold storage for vegetables:

 -1.  Room Temperature: 0 ~ 10C

-2.  Cool Room Panel:

120~150mm thick PU/PIR panel

Surface steel can be a color plate. If you prefer stainless steel, it is better. The color plate looks pretty and saves money while stainless steel is more anti-rust, more durable.

For more guidance for choosing the steel, please click: Steels for the food storage.

-3. Cold Storage Door:

German Design hinged door and sliding door, the size is customized according to your requirements. Normally use 0.9*1.8m,1*2m door size.

-4. Refrigeration unit:

The compressor capacity choice as per the size you prefer building. All compressors are original new famous brands. Bitzer, Emerson Copeland, GEA, Danfoss, Mycom are available.

-5. Price:

Difference solutions have different prices, send your requirement now!


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Project Case of Vegetable storage

Vietnam——cold storage for vegetables.

Recently, our customer who operates a hotel got a set of the cold room from us for vegetables like chili.

Cold room size: 10×8x4m (15.75m3)

PU panels: 100mm, color plate

Temperature: 0℃

Refrigeration unit:

Original new 9HP Bitzer Semi-hermetic compressor with electrical defrost.

What’s controlled atmospherecold room?

The controlled atmosphere cold room is used for long-term storage of fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. In addition to the control of temperature and moisture in the cold room, we need to consider the respiration of plants in the cold room at the same time, but also regulate and control O2, CO, N2, and ethylene, inhibits respiration and metabolism of fruits, vegetables and other plants in a dormant state, in order to achieve the purpose of long-term storage.