cold storage for chicken

Cold storage for Chicken can cool the temperature in a short time. The meat will be frozen quickly, so its freshness is properly maintained. With high efficiency condensing unit, power consumption saving cost.

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CRYO Cold Storage for Chicken features:

√ Can be any size to put the meat in!

√ Best insulation panels to save the operation cost!

√ Remain chicken in a good condition for the long-term!

√ Best brand color plate material to be used for many years!

√ Design a suitable solution according to your chicken storage requirement!

Cold storage for chicken solution

Normally, the temperature of cold storage for chicken is -15~-25C. The cold storage is for keeping the chicken that temperature is below 0 degrees C(32F). That is mean the chicken needs to quick-freeze from the cooling machine(Here you could need blast freezer room.) before storing the chicken.


The Solution of cold storage for chicken:


-1. Cold Room temperature: -15~-25C

-2. Cold Room Panel:

120~150mm thick PU/PIR panel

Surface steel can be a color plate. If you prefer stainless steel, it is better. The color plate looks pretty and saves money while stainless steel is more anti-rust, more durable.

Color plate and stainless steel

For more guidance for choosing the steel, please click: Steel for the food storage.

-3. Cold Room Door:

German Design hinged door and sliding door, the size is customized according to your requirements. Normally use 0.9*1.8m,1*2m door size.

hinged door and sliding door

-4. Refrigeration unit:

The compressor capacity choice as per the size you prefer building. All compressors are original new famous brands. Bitzer, Emerson Copeland, GEA, Danfoss, Mycom are available.

-5. Price:


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    Project Case

    cold rooms project——cold storage for Chicken.

    These two cold rooms are for a chicken reseller. The temperature needs -25 ℃. Daily wholesale volume is big, so we use a 0.8×1.9m sliding door and it’s convenient to open and close.

    Order info:

    Size: 15x9x10ft and 29x8x10ft

    Panels: 150mm with two side color plates.

    Refrigeration unit:

    Split system refrigeration unit: 4HP and 6HP Bitzer Semi-hermetic Compressor

    cold storage for chicken

    cold storage for chicken

    5 meters height, 200 tons frozen storage room for meat

    5 meters height, 200 tons frozen storage room

    -17C chicken freezer room

    -17C chicken freezer room

    -20C freezer room for meat

    -20C freezer room