cold storage for chicken

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cold storage for chicken

√ Can be any size to put the meat in!

√ Best insulation panels to save the operation cost!

√ Remain chicken in a good condition for long-term!

√ Best brand color plate material to be used for many years!

√ Design a suitable solution according to your chicken storage requirement!


1. Temperature:

(1) The range we can make: a.10~15°C, b. -15~10°C, c. -15~-30°C, d. -30~-60°C


Blast- freezers and blast chillers:   fresh chicken→ frozen chicken

(It can drop as low as -35°C from the room temperature in the span of a few hours.)

Low-temperature room:   frozen chicken→ keep frozen

Medium temperature room:   frozen chicken→ keep frozen for short-term store

2. Panels surface suggestion:

(1) Color plate steel

(2) Stainless steel

(3) Other choose: salinization/ aluminum/ galvanized

Color plate steel is the best choice for chicken storage: anti-rust, good insulation, cost-effective, long life span.

3. Price:

Difference solutions have different prices, send your requirement now!

blast freezer 4


Customer info: These two cold rooms are for a chicken reseller. The temperature needs  -25 ℃. Daily wholesale volume is big, so we use a 0.8×1.9m sliding door and it’s convenient to open and close.

Order info: 

Size: 15x9x10ft and 29x8x10ft

Panels: 150mm with two side color plates.

Refrigeration unit:

Split system refrigeration unit

4HP and 6HP Bitzer Semi-hermetic Compressor


For more: you could get in touch with us and leave your message to get the latest price and ask questions, and we will reply as soon as possible.