Cold room for fresh fish

Cold room for fresh fish, cool the temperature in a short time, keep the high-quality condition for the long-term, with high efficiency condensing unit, power consumption saving cost.

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Cold room for fresh fish, Fish cold room

cold room for fresh fish feature

Cold room for fresh fish

√ Best PU panels give you best insulation!

√ Suitable temperatures keep fish fresh for long term!

√ Best surface materials guarantee more than 20 years lifetime!

√ Energy efficiency saves your 30% electric bill!

√ Different solutions meet your specific requirements!



1. Panels

(1) Panels thickness: 50, 75, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200mm.

Panels thickness

(2) Cam lock: Galvanized

√ Design: Easy and convenient for installation of cold room

√ Surface materials: Galvanized sheet


√ Appearance: Feel like leather and plastic


Cam lock panels

2. Temperature range



Fish market, Fish distribution center, Hotel, Restaurant,

4.Panels surface for choice

SUS304: Best for anti-rust/corrosion.

Salinization sheet: One more salinization layer than color plate, anti-rust/corrosion/scratch, feel likes leather and plastic, nice.

Color plate: Most popular& cost-effective.

Galvanized sheet: Very hard& heavy.

Aluminum: Nice and soft, we use 0.7/0.8 mm, hard enough.

5.The panels’ surface we suggest.

(1) Stainless steel (SUS304)

(2) Salinization sheet

(3) (Internal side) Stainless steel + (external side) Salinization sheet/color plate steel/salinization/galvanized/ aluminum

(4) (Internal side) Salinization sheet + (external side) Salinization sheet/color plate steel/salinization/galvanized/ aluminum


Difference solutions have different prices, send your requirement now!



Cold room for fresh fish for fish!

Order info:

Cold room size: 6.4*4.7*2.4m

Temperature: -25℃

PU panels: 120mm,stainless steel

Refrigeration unit:

2HP Bitzer compressor


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