Bitzer two stages condensing unit

Bitzer two stages blast freezer, 5HP to 120HP low temperature for blast freezer, freezer room. Electric heat/hot gas defrost.

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1. Features:

  • Bitzer semi-hermetic, 2 stages piston compressor
  • Temperature:+10~+18C,0~+10C,-15–30C
  • Refrigeration parts are all world-famous brands, and can be updated to the Danfoss brand
  • EER value is improved by mid-stage design
  • R22 refrigerant, Min. evaporate temp is -50℃
  • R404A refrigerant, Min. evaporate temp is -65℃
  • Compressor rack is available (40HP~150HP)

2. Model code

K  B  S  12  J  Y

  • K: Open type
  • B: Compressor brand: Bitzer
  • S: Compressor type: 2 stages piston
  • 12: Compressor norminal power(HP)
  • J: Temperature: J: -25~-45 degree C
  • Y: Refrigerant: Y: R404A, F: R22

3. Specification

Bitzer two-stage blasts freezer condensing unit: base on condensing Temp 45℃

Refrigerant: R404A

Bitzer two stage blasts freezer specification

4. Main companents

CRYO SYSTEMS bitzer two stages blast freezer components: 

① 2 stages compressor ② Condenser ③ Crankcase heater ④ Vibration eliminator

⑤ Oil separator ⑥ Receiver ⑦ Filter ⑧ Sight glasses ⑨ Solenoid valve

⑩ Sub cooler ⑪ Gas separator ⑫ H/L pressure controller

⑬ Oil pressure difference controller ⑭ H/L Pressure gauge ⑮ Medium-pressure gauge

bitzer condensing unit main components

CRYO SYSTEMS bitzer two stages blast freezer: 


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