Banana Ripening Cold Room

Banana ripening rooms are widely used to simulate the natural ripening process of bananas without affecting their appearance, freshness, or taste.

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Products Description

Ripening cold rooms is to accelerate the fruits to be mature, at the same time, keep the high quality. Usually, for the banana, mango, kiwi, and tomato, we should use a ripening cold room (For example: banana ripening cold room).

Unlike the freezer room, chiller room, or blast freezer, the ripening cold room has a big difference. So we should pay attention to the design. 

If you would need high quality, good design, and professional service, please contact us. Now here are more information about our ripening cold room, and let’s talk banana for example.

1# Evaporator should use true reversible fans, and with optimization at Te 7 ℃

Evaporator for ripening cold room
Evaporator for ripening cold room

2# Ripening equipment, with smart control.

During the ripening, we must control all the factors, so the fruits could be mature in good condition. So we would provide humidifier, ethylene control systems, CO2 and ventilation control systems, and all the parts.

Ripening equipment

Humidity level is adjustable, up to 95%.

3# Insulated panels and doors are included.

They would be sealed well. So no leakages. For the door, we could use a normal sliding door, or the sectional overhead door.

Insulated panels and doors

For our banana ripening cold room, it’s very good design and you could get very good quality banana. It’s also same for other fruits.

good quality banana
banana ripening cold room

How do I ripen green bananas faster?

For a small amount of banana, in a bag with an onion works well. Onions give off a fair amount of ethylene gas.

Otherwise, when you must store a large amount of banana, put the banana in a ripening cold room can access them matured and keep them in the high-quality standard.

Why ripening room design for bananas are important?

The ripening room is very important for the correct and effective ripening of bananas.
1. The room must be as air tight as possible to prevent ethylene loss.
2. The room must be sufficiently insulated to control the temperature within a range of around.
3. The room must have sufficient cooling capacity to accurately control the temperature.
4. The room must have sufficient air circulation.

For more: you could get in touch with us and leave your message to get the latest price and ask questions, and we will reply as soon as possible.
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