Milk cold storage-custom your size, with Danfoss machine

Milk cold storage basic information:

(1) Cold storage size: 10x8x3 m.

(2)   Cold room inside temperature: 2-6 C.

(3) Storage: Milk, cheese or yogurt.

(4)  Project performance: Keep temperature 2-6 C for several months.


CRYO Solution:

-100 mm PU panel with 0.6 mm Baosteel two sides color plate.

-1.3×2.2 m Sliding door.

-13HP Danfoss refrigeration unit. MTZ160)

-Floor: XPS panel floor.

-Evaporator: Electric heating, Magnesium cabinet.

-Accessories: Balance window + PVC curtain +Silicon +LED bulbs and etc.

Advantages for CRYO :

(1)  Better insulation panel design, saving 30% power.

(2) Professional design and guidance by experienced engineers, saving 30% installation cost.

(3) Offer everything about cold room, one-stop solution.