Fruit cold storage case - for mango, grape, banana, apple

A temperature range of -40°C to +10°C is provided by all cold room refrigeration systems, making them suitable for storing fruits and vegetables.

Fruit cold storage basic information:

(1)Fruit cold room size: 10x5x3m

(2) cold room inside temperature: 0-10 C

(3) Storage: Fresh fruits like apple, banana, peach, and so on.

(4) Project performance: preserve fruits longer and keep fresh.


CRYO Solutions for storing fruit in cold room:

-100 mm PU panel with 0.5 mm Baosteel two sides color plate.

-1.3×2 m Sliding door.

-Split type 5HP Bitzer condensing unit.

-Floor: PU panel floor.

-Evaporator: Electric heating, Magnesium cabinet.

-Accessories: Balance window + PVC curtain +Silicon +LED bulbs and etc.


Advantages for CRYO Fruit cold room:

(1) Better insulation panel design, saving 30% power.

(2) Offer all the accessories, Danfoss part.

(3) Professional design and guidance by experienced engineer, saving 30% installation cost.

Cold room project case for storing fruits:

Fruit cold storage

Chiller storage for fruits

Chiller storage for fruits

240 tons fruits cold storage

240 tons fruits cold storage

Any business looking for customized cold storage for their fruits and vegetables can choose our cold rooms. Contact us right away if you need high-quality cold rooms for fruits and vegetables.