4 small cold rooms built-in the basement! What should be paid attention to?


The cold rooms are built in the basement where is very narrow, besides, in such a small place, the customer needs to separate it into 4 small ones, what should be paid attention to?

Cold rooms built-in the basement
1# If the basement is humid or the location nearby the sea, stainless steel for the panel is the best choice.

2# For easy installation and panel durability, the gap between the panel and the concrete should be at least 100mm.

3# The base ground of cold room should be higher than the horizontal level to prevent rain from coming into the freezer.

4# Make sure of the position of the door, make sure it can be opened without any block.

5# The condensing unit should be placed to open air for heat transfer instead of closed indoor.

4 small cold room4 small cold rooms

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