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If you have a cold storage facility for storing food, then you must know how important it is to keep it within a strict or stable temperature.

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1. What you need

  • Storing high-value food in cold storage, you want to make sure if the temp is stable?
  • If you want to get the cold room in running condition when the holiday?
  • Or do you want to solve the cold room failure in time reducing food problems?
  • Do you want the cold room system managed by more than one employee?

We will help you make it true!

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2. CRYO APP  logo-CRYO APP  introduction  

CRYO is an APP for cold room remote control platform developed by Cryo Systems in China.

Cold Room Remote Control Platform is the advanced way to check, record, and change the refrigeration temperatures in Cold storage by APP. As your business expands, refrigeration technology will continue to develop.

It allows you to check and control the cold storage temperature anytime and anywhere without being on-site. Using the Internet, transferring the data in the Cloud server, Connecting to Machine to APP you can check and cold room status by your phone, ensuring it’s running well.

It just needs four parts: DTU, controller, your machine, and our app – CRYO.

Just 4 steps to remotely control your cold storage

Bind – Connect – Login – Control(Manage)

3. Our professional solution


How does the CRYO Cold Room Remote Control Platform Works?


Integrated online and offline services, providing fast and convenient intelligent services for your cold storage management.

Our professional solution

4. Function

 24-hour temperature monitoring service   1. 24-hour temperature monitoring service, keep track of the cold room running status anytime and anywhere.

remote control icon  2. Remote monitor, easy to monitor and adjust your machines anytime and anywhere.

alarm icon  3. Alarm Notification, all cold room risks and alarms will be sent to your phone in time, so you don’t miss the best repair time. And more, detailed notifications that will help you decide what to do next.

   4. Data graph, dynamic data make the temp and consumption visible.

data backup icon   5. Data backup, record historical temperature and power consumption data, download to check the trends.

Guidance icon   6. Guidance, find the troubleshooting solutions on APP, professional online guidance makes you clear and helps to solve the problem.

Assign Permission icon   7. Assign Permission, managed by more than one employee, Co-management helps you to improve efficiency.

   8. Online services, provide solutions within 24 hours.

Durable packaging icon   9. Durable packaging, Stainless steel outer packaging, anti-corrosion and anti-rust, more durable.

5. What you get:

  • Improve profitability

      With Alarm notifications, all cold room risks and alarms will be sent to your phone in time, so that you can find the problem without any delay, reduce the risk of product spoilage.

  • Ultimate convenience and Easy to use

      Open the CRYO APP, Just click, the data will be shown immediately.

  • Total efficiency

      Adjust equipment online in real-time, optimize management mode.

The key to cold room food storage facilities or others to improve food safety and ensure quality control is a fully automated remote monitoring network.

Bind your machines to CRYO APP, you can control them easily by mobile phone, keeping your food in the cold room more stable and control the machines more conveniently.


If you’d like to find out more about the CRYO Cold Room Remote Control Platformget in touch with us today. Considering cold room projects? also, feel free to contact us!

Cold Room Remote Control Platform
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