For our target customers-the end-users who owned different kinds of food needed cooling and freezing, build a cold room is usually a big headache. Cause it’s very hard for you to choose where to buy the cold room complete, how to find the good supplier. There are main choices below:


  1. Contact with local contractor directly, but the products with services are more than 2 times expensive than importing by yourself
  2. Search in Alibaba or B2B website, but so many suppliers there and it’s hard to figure out
  3. Buy from Turkey, Indonesia, India, but these countries’ policies not so stable and transportation and communication not so easy.


CRYO SYSTEMS’s advantages:


  1. If you import from CRYO, you can save from 30% to 50% products cost than local contractors, cause most countries contractors usually import from China directly and they need to keep their profits.
  2. In Alibaba website, there have different levels price and different levels suppliers, it’s hard for you to judge which one is the best for you. Actually CRYO has already become the No 1 cold room brand in Alibaba website.
  3. We are Chinese largest and more-than-20-year-old factory who can offer European standard, but Chinese price products for you.


Our Slogan


CRYO SYSTEMS matches for high-end customers who need high-level quality and cost-effectively products, we concern much about quality and service but not only low price. We have high level training sales army team who are helpful and professional and will WARM YOUR HEART!