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Bad PU are potentially increasing your electronic cost!

Bad PU panels are potentially increasing your electronic cost!


other’s panel



Oh no! These panels are rust and paint loss.


When you are choosing the Panel, please polish your eyes and keep your head clear.


Because China’s panel varies in quality. Low-quality panels have low density and high water absorption rates, which reduce the lifetime of the cold room and increase the electric cost. So the actual price of the cold room is really high.




So in order to prevent paying many electric costs in the future, we advise you choose best insulate PU which has good insulation and long lifetime.





CRYO’s panelCRYO’s panel:

(1)Foam: High density 42kg/m3 PU panel

(2)Steel: Best steel manufacturer, Baosteel

Instead of 0.326, 0.426mm color plate steel, Cryo use Baosteel’s color plate and the thickness is at least 0.5mm, which is more durable and anti-corrosion.


We can guarantee you a cold room for at least 20 years.

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