-60C cold storage

-60C cold storage for tuna

1# Location: Fiji, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Peru, Chile, etc

2# Design principle:

Parallel redundant refrigeration system, one compressor or fan stop, whole systems still provide 100% capacity

Easy install, easy operate and easy to fix

As lower power consumption as possible

3# Cold Storage Project basic info:

Tuna come from super freezer container and frozen boat

Maximum 20 tons tuna inlet per day

Maximum 300 tons frozen tuna

4# Rough drawing

-60C cold storage design - CRYO

5# Insulated panels:

The -60C cold storage is inside a -25C freezer room, so it’s two layers of 150mm PIR panels, density 42kg/m3. Polyisocyanurate foaming, Non-CFCs or Non-HCFC foaming. It’s cyclopentane. This is 100% environment friendly foaming.

Insulated PIR panels
Cascade refrigerating system, Bitzer compressor and evaporator